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The number...
that is the ninth Fibonacci number
of protons in a hydrogen nuleus
of faces on an icosahedron
of dominoes in a set
of rooms in Cluedo
of different types of Risk piece
that is the legal age to drive in the UK
of stripes on the American flag
of unpurchasable squares on a Monopoly board
of players in a Rugby Union team
that is the minimum age to be a US senator
of carbon atoms in a benzene ring
that is the smallest number of people at which it is more than 50% likely that two of them share a birthday
that was the age of Neil Armstrong when he set foot upon the moon
of sides on a hendecagon
that I could not think of a clue for (leave this 'til last)
that is equal to twice its square root
that is the atomic number of rubidium
of teeth in a full adult set
of the leading note in a scale
The number...
of pounds in a stone
that is the voting age in the UK
that is five squared
of points a court card is worth in blackjack
of days in a lunar month
of spots on a six-sided dice
of slots on an American roulette wheel
of hexominoes
of ounces in a pound
of gallons in a standard UK beer barrel
of moons that Uranus has
of vertices on a cube
of musical triads
at which two of them make deuce
that is the largest number of Oscars awarded to one person
of Carats that pure gold has
that is the code for indirect phone calls to France
of Major Arcana in a tarot deck
that 'D' scores in Scrabble
of basic tastes

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