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YearMovieActor/Actress in leadind role
1960Jack Lemmon
1966Clint Eastwood
1972Marlon Brando
1973Paul Newman
1973Ellen Burstyn
1974Al Pacino
1980Anthony Hopkins
1980Jack Nicholson
1984Arnold Schwarzenegger
1987John Lone
1989Ed Harris
1990Al Pacino
1991Anthony Hopkins
1993Holly Hunter
1993Harrison Ford
1993Chris Sarandon (voice)
1994Matthew Broderick (voice)
1994Tim Robbins
1994Jim Carrey
1995Gabriel Byrne
1996Ralph Fiennes
1998Jim Carrey
1998Jeff Bridges
1999Keanu Reeves
1999Tom Hanks
YearMovieActor/Actress in leadind role
1999Antonio Banderas
1999Bruce Willis
2000Mel Gibson
2001Elijah Wood
2002Nicole Kidman
2002Matt Damon
2002Adrien Brody
2002Elijah Wood
2003Elijah Wood
2003Tom Cruise
2004Leonardo DiCaprio
2004James Caviezel
2004Joaquin Phoenix
2004Craig T. Nelson (voice)
2004Christian Bale
2004Tom Hanks
2006Will Smith
2006Leonardo DiCaprio
2006Hugh Jackman
2007Jack Nicholson
2008Christian Bale
2008Brad Pitt
2008Kate Winslet
2008Mickey Rourke
2009Bradley Cooper

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