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Name of animal control officer who shot Phoebe
Name of the cat Phoebe thinks is her reincarnated mother
Mike's family dog escorted by Ross in Mike and Phoebe's wedding
What kind of candy did restaurant owner Steve and Monica fight over and spill into the soup?
Chandler says Rachel looks like this character in her maid of honor dress for Mindy's wedding
He accompanied Charles Bing on piano in Viva Las Gaygas
Friends theme song performed by
Barry's parents told everyone Rachel went crazy because she had...
After the college party, Ross thought he kissed Rachel for the first time, but it was actually
The song Rachel sings at Barry and Mindy's wedding
The character who was afraid of dogs
Mr. Heckles claimed the escaped Marcel was his monkey, calling him by this name
What is the profession of Russ, Ross' doppelganger?
Zoo where Marcel ends up
Name of Ross and Chandler's college band
Psychiatrist Joey portrays in play in Episode 6
Rachel's sister who other sister Amy says 'got fat'
One of the girls Ross and Chandler kissed to break their college pact
Larry Hankin played this eccentric character, introduced in season one
The character who doesn't like animals dressed as humans
Action star Rachel and Monica fight over
Ursula used Phoebe's name when she starred in what
Rachel's high school boyfriend who goes out with Monica
Name of Joey's tailor who groped Chandler
The character who was afraid of the duck and chick

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