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What part of Pincocchio's face grew when he lied?
How many stripes does Nemo have?
How many lost boys are there?
What disability did Dory suffer from?
What number is printed on the side of Lightning McQueen?
What city was Oliver and Company set in?
What type of pet does Walle have?
What experiment number is Stitch?
In the Lion King, which hyena is a female?
What is Crush's son's name?
When was Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarfs released?
What was the food critics name in Ratatouille?
Who sung the song 'Poor Unfortunate Souls?'
How many puppies did Perdita give birth to?
What street did Detective Basil live on?
Who did John Ratzenberg voice in Monsters Inc.?
What is Prince Eric's dog's name?
What is in Woody's boot?
Who is Mr.Incredibles closest friend?
What is Denahi's totem?

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