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His mother published a series of poems to her unborn son whilst pregnant with this French composer; these poems were a major artistic influence on his life.
This composer traveled to Majorca one winter with his lover George Sand for the health of her son and to escape from her former lover.
This influential composer and critic attempted suicide by jumping into the Rhine, was rescued by a fisherman, and spent the rest of his days in an asylum.
This red-headed composer was ordained a Catholic priest, but given a dispensation from saying Mass one year later. He probably suffered from asthma.
Nicknamed the 'discontented Polish count,' this German composer was given to massive fits of temper that sometimes led to collapse.
This Italian composer became a Catholic priest some years after the death of his wife. He had 4 children from his marriage.
This Russian composer became engaged to a glamourous and talented opera diva; during their engagement, she married someone else.
An eagerly awaited resignation for this Austrian composer and prodigy was granted, but with the former employer's steward literally delivering a 'kick in the arse.'
This French composer had a tempestuous love life; he eventually married a fashion model after threatening suicide if she refused-- she later shot herself when he left her.
This prolific composer was a friend of Mozart, teacher of Beethoven, and prayed the rosary whenever he had 'composer's block.'
This Spanish composer died tragically trying to save his wife after the passenger ferry that they were traveling on was torpedoed by a German U-Boot during WWI.
This composer had 7 children by his first wife and 13 by his second wife.
A child prodigy, this French composer was also an expert mathematician, studied geology, archeology, botany, and lepidoptery, and wrote a philosophical work.
This composer and loather of Bolsheviks had a tradition of Saturday lunches with Aldous Huxley late in his life; they shared a taste for the French language and hard sprits.
In addition to composing 3,000 works, this godfather of CPE Bach found time to write a large quantity of poetry, including sonnets and laments for the deaths of his friends.
This Hungarian composer was also a noted pianist; he inspired hysteria in audiences, and women fought over his kerchief and gloves as souveniers.
After his brother's death, he sued his sister-in-law for custody of his nephew, eventually winning. The boy later attempted suicide, but the two were later reconciled.
This Italian composer was a foodie and excellent amateur chef. There are a number of dishes still served with his name appended to them because they were created by or for him.
This American composer won two Pulitzers for his music, but had a penchant for destroying his own work.
This grandnephew of Charles Darwin was a second lieutenant in the Royal Garrison Artillery in WW1 and once directed his battery lying on the ground due to illness.
Biographical detailComposerMore info
This atheist composer was asked to write a religious work, which he never saw performed. He blamed the designated conductor
When this composer's composer father caught him secretly practicing the violin, he whipped him severely.
This composer had to flee on a number of occasions, due to debt, scandalous love affairs with married women, and participation in the May Uprising in Dresden.
This English composer's religion and social standing made him somewhat of an outcast; his wife was disinherited by her family when she married him.
This composer, who is emblematic of his Nordic home country, possessed a Scottish family name, married his first cousin, and received honorary degrees from Oxford and Cambridge.
The nickname that this Austrian composer's friends used for him was 'Schwämmer,' which meant 'tubby' or 'little mushroom.'
This Renaissance composer lost his wife, two of his sons, and his brother to the plague; he considered becoming a priest afterward, but instead married a wealthy widow.
This proto-ethnomusicologist and composer was the president of the Hungarian Unitarian Church.
Events in this composer's life included spending a summer in Iowa, seeing his daughter marry his student, and becoming a member of the Austro-Hungarian House of Lords.
This Austrian composer was known for his great personal humility, love of beer, and lifetime bachelorhood marked by numerous (refused) proposals to teenage girls.
This French composer suffered a serious injury in a taxi accident in New York and thereafter exhibited aphasia; he is not known to have had any intimate relationships in his life.
This English composer wanted to serve in WWI, but was deemed unfit; his rather more fit wife served as a volunteer ambulance driver.
He set aside his musical career temporarily to help the family of another composer in the wake of that man's attempted suicide and confinement to an asylum.
This German composer was thrown in prison as a result of his father's activity embezzling money from their patron, the brother to the king of Württemberg.
Nazi officials had a love-hate relationship with this German composer's music; he ultimately left the country because of his wife's Jewish heritage.
This American composer, conductor, and jazz pianist's son is a lead singer for the rock band Toto and his grandson Lionel leads the experimental pop band Vinyl Williams.
This French composer's fiancee's mother broke off his engagement. He responded with an elaborate plan to kill his fiancee, her new fiance, her mother, and himself.
This German expatriate had an intensely private personal life, and is honored as a saint in the Episcopal, some Lutheran, and the United Methodist churches.
Born into the old aristocracy of tsarist Russia, this composer fled the country with his family in an open sled with his wife and two daughters after the Russian Revolution.
This composer, son of an ex-slave, suffered numerous setbacks, including divorce and the death of wife and daughter; he was awarded a posthumous Pulitzer Prize in 1976.

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