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Can you name the country in Europe by its highest point?

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Highest pointCountryHeight
Mount Elbrus 5,642 m/18,510 ft
Shkhara 5,201 m/17,064 ft
Mont Blanc4,810 m/15,782 ft
Mont Blanc4,810 m/15,782 ft
Monte Rosa 4,634 m/15,203 ft
Bazardüzü 4,466 m/14,652 ft
Mount Aragats 4,090 m/13,419 ft
Großglockner 3,798 m/12,461 ft
Teide3,718 m/12,198 ft
Zugspitze2,962 m/9,718 ft
Coma Pedrosa2,942m/9,652 ft
Musala 2,925m/ 9,596 ft
Mount Olympus 2,919 m/9,577 ft
Triglav 2,864 m/9,396 ft
Mount Korab 2,764m/9,068 ft
Mount Korab 2,764m/9,068 ft
Djeravica 2,656 m/8,714 ft
Gerlachovský štít2,655 m/8,711 ft
Vorder Grauspitz 2,599 m/8,527 ft
Moldoveanu Peak 2,544 m/8346 ft
Zla Kolata 2,534 m/8,314 ft
Rysy2,499 m/8,199 ft
Galdhøpiggen2,469 m/8,100 ft
Maglić 2,386 m/7,828 ft
Mount Pico2,351 m/7,713 ft
Highest pointCountryHeight
Midžor 2,169 m/7,116 ft
Kebnekaise2,111 m/6,926 ft
Hvannadalshnúkur 2,110 m/6921 ft
Hoverla 2,061 m/6,762 ft
Mount Olympus 1,952 m/6,404 ft
Dinara 1,831m/6,007 ft
Sněžka 1,602 m/5,256 ft
Ben Nevis 1,343 m/4,406 ft
Halti1,324 m/4,344 ft
Carrauntoohil1,038 m/3,406 ft
Mahya Dağı1,031 m/3,383 ft
Kékes 1,014 m/3,327 ft
Monte Titano 749 m/2,457 ft
Signal de Botrange694 m/2,277 ft
Kneiff560 m/1,837 ft
Bălăneşti 430 m/1,411 ft
Dzyarzhynskaya Hara 345 m/1,132 ft
Vaalserberg323 m/1,059 ft
Suur Munamägi318 m/1,043 ft
Gaizinkalns 312 m/1,024 ft
Aukštojas Hill294 m/965 ft
Ta' Dmejrek 253 m/830 ft
Møllehøj171 m/561 ft
Chemin des Révoires161 m/518 ft
Unnamed location75m/246 ft

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