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Forced Order
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Designed to help industry, labor, and the unemployed. Created max hours of work and min wage.
Act designed to help retired persons - criticized by conservtives
Most popular new deal agency, focused on conservation
FDR's 3 R's
Caused 350,000 oakies and arkies to trek to California
Provided temporary jobs for Americans, a branch of the FERA
Started in, but broke from, the AL of F, employed the sit down strike
Allowed farmers to pay debts, immediate relief
Congress session that allowed for much of new deal legislation
Provided jobs with the creation of government owned buildings, bridges, roads, etc
16,410,030 shares of stocks sold on this day
Philosophy stating that more wealth for the wealthy will eventually help everyone else as well
When FDR encountered resistance from a conservative supreme court, he attempted to _____ the Supreme Court
In September, 1931 Japaneese Imperialists took control of this area, despite the League of Nation's dissaproval
Created jobs via the creation of a dam - criticized for being socialist
Leader or the 'Share our wealth program' (great equalizer of $ distribution)

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