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Forced Order
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Group in the south that resented black power after the Civil War, 'Invisible empire of the South'
Many blacks moved ____ after being emancipated
Laws to regulate the affairs of newly emancipated blacks. Could be seen as a minor return to slavery.
Act in which Northern soldiers came into the south to add military aid to the reconstruction
Persons who came from the north to use blacks as'political henchmen'
Bill requiring 50% of voters in the South to agree to re admittance to the Northern states
Organization that had great success in black education, government funded.
Lincoln's plan of re-absorbing the south back into the north after the Civil War
State cheaply purchased from Russia
Act that required the president to secure the consent of the senate before he could remove his appointees from the cabinet
Technique of sharing or renting land to farm it, often leading to poverty and debt. Adopted by many poor emancipated blacks.
President after Lincoln

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