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Total kinetic energy of all molecules in a sample
1 cal = ? Joules
Average kinetic energy of molecules in a sample
Heat flows from ? temperature substances to ? temperature substances
A reaction that absorbs energy from it's surroundings
A reaction that releases heat into it's surroundings
Measure of potential energy stored in chemical compounds
The measure of differences in potential energy in chemical compounds
The amount of energy required to preform a reaction
Heat of formation values are based on _?_ mole(s) of product
The specific heat of H2O (In Joules)
In Q=M*C*ΔT, what is Q
In Q=M*C*ΔT, what is C
In Q=M*C*ΔT, what is M
If a reaction is reversed, ΔH=? (Use the word 'change' instead of Δ)
If a reactions amount is doubled, the ΔH is
Energy released or absorbed as 1 mole of a substance dissolves in water
Energy released as 1 mole of a substance burns
1 Cal = ? cal
Is period 1 Rohmer the superior H. chem class?

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