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Can you name the something from 'I Love Lucy' for letters 'A' through 'Z'?

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Ethel Mae Potter's hometownA
Ernie Ford's hometown in TennesseeB
What causes Lucy trouble when she's out on the ledge pretending to be Superman?C
When Lucy and Ricky go hunting, what does Lucy thinks she's going to shoot out of a tree?D
What is the Spanish word the show used to refer to Lucy's pregnancyE
Name shared by Little Ricky's dog and godfatherF
What was the only tune Lucy could play on her saxophone?G
Ricky Ricardo's hometownH
In 'The Black Wig' what is 1/3 of Ethel's costume?I
What dance does Lucy have to do with blurred vision?J
Fred's old vaudevilla partnerK
What magazine does Lucy make the cover of in 'Men are Messy'?L
Name the burlesque act Lucy learned in 'The Ballet'M
Starting LetterAnswerLetter
What's one of the fake names Lucy uses to give her friends and husband anonymity in her novel?N
The show's writer-producerO
What make of car do the Ricardos and Mertzes take to California?P
What role did Lucy play in her women's club's operetta?Q
Ricky gets what kind of show mixed up with radio?R
Fred changes Ricky's daddy shower into what type of party?S
What's Lucy's big surprise when she tries babysitting?T
Finish the name of this episode: 'Pregnant women are _______________'U
What does Lucy say she'll change her song's name to if Mr. Johnson lets her rehearse with him?V
Surname of a celebrity Lucy meets in HollywoodW
Lucy and Ethel mistake each other for what neighborhood burglar?X
What does Lucy end up with all over her after she does the tango with her husband?Y
What type of showgirl does Lucy ALMOST play in a movie?Z

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