Gaming Quiz / Food in Dead Rising 2 with CZ, CW and OTR.

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Can you name the food and drinks in Dead Rising 2 with CZ, CW and OTR.?

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Sweet, rounded red fruit
Often comes with eggs in breakfast
It's a baked vegetable
A long bread
It's a grilled poultry
These're a grilled bones that protects lungs
They are smillar to kidneys
Weak alcohol
A small chocolate cake with nuts
Tortilla rolled up around filling
Sweet, chocolate dessert
Sweet cream to coffee
Dark drink with caffeine
A small round cakes with chocolate
A pink mass of fluffy spun sugar
A small fired cake
Alcohol in elegant glass with straw
Usually found in water
Fried, long potatoes
A roll with beef and vegetables
A bigger amount of food in a package
A sausage in long roll
Perfect snack for summer
Candies in shape of beans
Usually drunk in cinema
Red crustacean with large claws
Large, rounded fruit with sweet flesh
White liquid sourced from e.g cows
Fried, rounded onion
Drink made from oranges
Typical Italian meal with sauce
Baked dish made from fruits
Large, rounded tropical fruit
Rounded dough with meat and vegetables
Usually eaten in cinema
Crisp biscuit in shape of knot
A small amount of food in a package
A bread with butter, ham, cheese and vegetables
A small food
A fizzy drink in large bootle
Spoiled Food
Spoiled Food
Spoiled Food
Spoiled Food
Spoiled Food
Spoiled Food
Spoiled Food
Spoiled Food
Spoiled Food
Beef meat
Typical Japanese meal
Typical Mexican meal
Strong alcohol
Scottish alcohol
Sweetish alcohol
Green Mixed Drink
Yellow Mixed Drink
White Mixed Drink
Aquamarine Mixed Drink
Brown Mixed Drink
Purple Mixed Drink
Blue Mixed Drink
Red Mixed Drink
Pink Mixed Drink

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