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Muscles so strong he breaks his own bones!
'Screw it, I'm getting some ham!'
Newest Model
Keeper of the butter
'I'm so sleepy'
'My hair is so short now!'
Tator Tosser
Jewish Church attendent
'Guys just give him his socks back!'
'Do you feed?'
Tell me a storyy!
The only time he doesn't speak is when he's eating... even then he speaks.
What's your name?
Can you sit down?
'Ohh the baby!'
'Crazy lady with snakes coming out of her head'
'One person on the diving board at a time. And no crying!'
Raven's one
He's taking Josh?!?!?!?!?
Is he gay?
Biker dude!
'Her fat rolls were all up on me!'
'Boys are you behaving?'
Colt's one
Tim Burton
'Butter beans!'
'Let's pray!'

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