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Can you name the title of the TV series based on the 2 characters given?

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character namestv - series title
Fox Mulder - Dana Scully
Jack Shephard - Kate Austen
Sydney Bristow - Arvin Sloane
Carrie Bradshaw - Samantha Jones
Henry Martin Jane Van Been
Robert Chase - James Wilson
Specter Mike - Mike Ross
Cal Lightman - Gillian Foster
John Reese - Harold Finch
Blair Waldorf - Nate Archibald
Mohinder Suresh - Claire Bennet
Clark Kent - Lana Lang
Damon Salvatore - Elena Gilbert
Michael Scofield - Lincoln Burrows
Spencer Reid - Penelope Garcia
character namestv - series title
Lynette Scavo - Susan Mayer
Dean Winchester - Sam Winchester
Dexter Morgan - Debra Morgan
Emmett Honeycutt - Brian Kinney
Sookie Stackhouse - Eric Northman
Aria Montgomery - Hanna Martin
Dean Forester - Paris Geller
Rachel Berry - Finn Hudson
Sean McNamara - Christian Troy
Derek Shepherd - Izzie stevens
Chloe O'Brian - Tony Almeida
Martin Bohm - Jake Bohm
Neal Caffrey - Peter Burke
Alice Pieszecki - Jenny Schecter
Nick Stokes - Sara Sidle

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