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During Jacksonian Democracy, America was the only country in the world in which white Americans could vote even if they did not have____?
Which two presidents demonstrated the growth of populist principles (Answer, Answer)?
Last names only  
Jacksonites declared the 'Corrupt Bargain' after Adams won the vote where?
What institution? (Give the full name)  
Adams' favoring of what part of Clay's famous proposal angered VP Calhoun and other Southerners?
Who famously challenged states' rights and defended the North?
Which presidential candidate succeeded in saving the Union before the Civil War broke out?
True or False? Jackson fired his FIRST cabinet because it slandered him after he ENFORCED the Indian Removal Act?
Jackson detested what because he did not like thought of politicians he didn't know in his administration?
Two words  
The failures of what American president led to the eventual victory of the Whigs in the Election of 1840?
The start of political nominating conventions was due to the formation of what political party?
Andrew Jackson removed federal deposits and placed them into state banks in order to 'kill' what institution?
The second part of the answer is a common abbreviation we use in class 
By issuing the 'Specie Circular,' Jackson required that public lands be purchased in what?
Two words  
Give the name of one of the two most well known Indian groups who resisted the Indian Removal Act and took up arms against the government?
What is the name of the informal group of friends/advisers that Andrew Jackson trusted more than his Cabinet?
Taking the side of states' rights and a personal feud with Henry Clay, Jackson vetoed what project?
The power of the veto strengthened what branch of the U.S (during the presidency of Jackson) at the expense of the Supreme Court and Congress?
After the Tariff of 1832, South Carolina threatened secession and called in what convention?

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