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QUIZ: Can you name the most important facts from p. 118 - 122 in America Will Be?

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Forced Order
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What is the title of this chapter?
What is the term for the legendary water route to China through North America?
Which explorer landed near what is now North Carolina and mapped the coast as far north as Maine?He was Italian, and there's now a bridge named after him in New York.
Which French explorer sailed up the St. Lawrence River hoping it would lead to China?He spent a winter in an Iroquois village.
What did the Iroquois use to cure scurvy?
What Dutch company was founded in 1602 to manage their growing trade?
Which English sailor was hired to lead the first Dutch expedition to North America?The river on the west side of Manhattan is named after him.
Which Italian sea captain was hired by King Henry VII to sail west to Asia?He landed on and named Newfoundland, Canada, where he found fish but no gold.
Which English explorer sailed around the tip of South America and up its western coast on a secret mission for Queen Elizabeth?He claimed California for England and returned home by crossing the Pacific.
Name one significant item Europeans introduced to Indians.
Name one significant item Indians introduced to Europeans.
What was the most deadly contagious disease that swept through Indian communities after Europeans arrived?

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