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Singer of 'Folding Chair'
Movie where people are launched... INTO SPPPPAAAACCCEEE
Voyager Captain
Harry's rank on Star Trek Voyager
Kater's finest photography piece
Female lead in both 'Dave' and 'Galaxy Quest
Main character of Jupiter Ascending
Elevate the ....... to new culinary heights
Ugh, not a ...... episode
Spot Conolan (Tommy Boy)
Fully clothed zero gravity space caressing...
Sexiest publication around
Squirrel Girl's Secret ID
T-REX'S first friend
Destined to be an english prof
Dinosaur Comics creator
Bunk where all the party happens
Donut Showdown hero
Where is Kafka?
musical wear many die, many sing, and many are french (though they are often portrayed with English accents)
Unfortunately named daughter of web comic artist
Like cats but younger
'Crazy .......'
ZACHRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Cloud Atlas
Kafka author
What is both the best kind of floor and the best kind of bed?

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