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I'm not gonna lie, I'm a fan of the _______ game night (AKB)
Sometimes I feel like I'm doing an _______ Harvey impression (Corey)
Get off my ___ Kara (Corey)
I'm so proud of my _____ (Kara)
I think her name was like ______ or something (AKB)
Not one of those _____ businesses (Susan)
I'm Susan Blackwell and I play ____ (Susan)
PhraseMissing Word
Hey _____ how ya doin (Ben)
Yes! He would bring _____ (Kara)
You are friends in real life, and you do _____ a game night
That boy really likes _____ (AKB)
When I was maybe like ____ years old there was a Karaoke thing but I didn't know any of the songs (Ben)
and he would add these ____ when we were like screwing around, we'd be singing like seize the day (AKB)

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