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Can you name the facts only true FRIENDS fans would know?

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Which part of her body does Phoebe flirt with when massaging a male client?
Who sings the theme song 'I'll be there for you'?
What is Joey's fake name?
What does Chandler say to the landlord that stops Ross from moving out?
What does Phoebe say she can almost smell when she examines the apothecary table?
What did Monica make for the cooking instructor to give to her when she liked her food?
The floor of the beach house that the group stayed at was covered in what?
The man who tells Ross what to do during his first time in a spray tan booth is what nationality?
Cathy's favourite book as a child was what?
What does the light switch by the door in Chandler/Joey's apartment do?
Who finds out first that Chandler and Monica are in a relationship?
During Emily's fake 'bon voyage' party, she looks at pictures of Ross when he was where?
What colour is the bath tub that Phoebe and Rachel are sitting in on the cover of the third season?
What does Eddie use as a substitute for his dead goldfish?
What does Chandler spell on his calculator?

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