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What country is Michael in when he is burned?1.1
Who is Michael's original handler?1.1
Who gives Michael his first job?1.1
What is the name of the Czech hunting Michael1.4
Who is the CSS agent that hounds Michael?1.6
What is the name of Lucy Lawless' character?1.10
What is her 'occupation'?1.10
What is the name of the paranoid agent Michael thinks burned him?1.11
In the Season 1 finale, what message is Sam sending the team in the photo taken by his kidnapper?1.12
Carla is played by?2.1
Sam's client Sophia isn't really a hostess but a _________?2.2
Who is the Pakastani spy Michael blackmails in order to get info on Carla?2.3
To whom does Michael refer as a 'rodeo clown'?2.6
What real-life rapper plays the role of Valentine?2.6
What is the name of Fiona's EMS boyfriend?2.8
What 'dead' spy shows up at Michael's loft?2.8
Who is the boss of the largest car theft ring in Miami?2.11
What former NFL all-pro portrays a football coach in the same episode?2.11
Who is the eccentric arms dealer Michael and Fi go with to the Russian bomber's house?2.12
Who does Agent Bly use to try and incriminate Michael?2.13
What arms dealer straps a bomb to a kid's arm?2.15
What is Michael and his ex-fiancee attempting to 'un-steal'?2.15
Where does Victor suggest he and Michael escape to?2.16
What 'old buddy' of Michael's bails him out of jail?3.1
Detective Paxson is played by?3.2
What is Brennen's daughter's name?3.3
Who is Michael stuck in the Everglades with, avoiding Russian assassins?3.6
What is the Russian Assassin's name?3.6
What is the name of Fi's brother?3.9
Sam's cop buddy has the team help him capture a?3.11
What does Michael do to sabotage his mission with Claude?3.12
Conrad works intelligence for what country?3.14
Gabriel sends his men to Fiona's house to verify she was in what airport in Madrid 2006?3.15
When Michael and Simon are captured what 3 words does Simon repeat to Michael at the end of the season 3 finale?3.16
What is the name of the Breakers' leader?4.1
What assassin do Jesse and Fiona meet while posing as census takers?4.4
What was the name of the client who made knock off products for a living?4.6
Burt Reynolds plays the part of a former cold war spy. What's his name?4.7
What does the captured Russian wetwork member refer to Michael as when he is being interrogated?4.7
What do Michael and Jesse find in the safe deposit box?4.8
What was the name of the 'raging British jackass' swindling money from women?4.11
What is the name of the defense attorney who hires Michael to get back his kidnapped daughter?4.12
What is the full name of the bomber who kills Dale Lawson et al..4.13
What thief returns to blackmail the team into helping steal a chemical weapon?4.14
What was in the stolen car that Nate was hired to recover?4.15
Who does Michael hand the NOC list over to?4.16
Who kills Brennen?4.17
Who does Sam and Madeline convince to help the team bring down Vaughn?4.18
What was impaled in Jesse's leg outside of the hotel where they made their stand against Vaughn?4.18
Michael ends up in what city after a ride in a limo?4.18

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