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QuestionCandy Name
This candy is in the shape fruits and is sold hard or chewy!
This candy is famous for 'Everlasting' flavor!
This candy is sold in individual packets or with three different flavors and comes with a white dipping stick that is also edible!
This candy comes with two flavors in a small box that contains little bits of flavorful candy!
Another classic candy is sweet and sour that has an engraved 'S' on them!
This candy's name is shared with a term meaning to go nuts with shopping!
This candy is a chewy sour version of Spree's
Colorful tubes with flavored sugar are called?
This candy has some unusual flavors including cola and root beer?
This candy is very stretchy and chewy!

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Created Aug 11, 2011ReportNominate
Tags:candy, Candy Bars, wonka

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