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What U.S. City is sang about in the episode 'A Streetcar Named Desire'?
In 'Homer vs. the 18th Amendment,' what law enforcement official attempts to have Homer's moonshining shut down?
What town do the Simpson's move to when Homer is hired by Hank Scorpio in 'You only move Twice'?
What is Hank Scorpio's company name?
In 'The Canine Mutiny', Bart uses a credit card to purchase what new dog?
Complete Krusty's standard 'Seal of Approval': 'I heartily endorse...'
In 'Two Bad Neighbors,' which former president does Homer get in a feud with?
In 'Lisa's Substitute,' what is the name of Lisa's substitute?
In 'They Saved Lisa's Brain,' what do the Mensa members refer to as the Justice Squadron?
What late night talk show host gives Krusty advice in 'The Last Temptation of Krust'?
In 'Homer's Barbershop Quartet,' Barney replaces what fired member of the group?
What drug is Bart presribed in 'Brother's Little Helper'?
In 'Realty Bites', Marge works for what real estate company?
We learn in 'The Principal and the Pauper' that Skinner's real name is what?
In 'Team Homer,' what is the name of the team that Rev. Lovejoy plays on?

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