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Forced Order
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Lyric StartLyric EndingMinutes to Go/Words
They're building the gallows...25 minutes to go (3)
And in 25 minutes...24 minutes to go (4)
Well they give me some...23 minutes to go (5)
And you know, nobody's askin' me...22 minutes to go (3)
So I wrote the governor...21 minutes to go (4)
And I call up the mayor and...20 minutes to go (4)
Well the sheriff says...19 minutes to go (6)
I laugh in his face and I...18 minutes to go (4)
Well I call out to the warden...17 minutes to go (4)
He says 'Call me back in a...16 minutes to go (3)
Well my lawyer says he's sorry...15 minutes to go (4)
Well if you're so sorry come up and...14 minutes to go (3)
Now here comes the padre...13 minutes to go (4)
Lyric StartLyric EndingMinutes to Go/Words
And he's talking about burning...12 minutes to go (5)
Now they're testing the trap...11 minutes to go (5)
Cause the goddamned thing...10 minutes to go (4)
I'm waiting for the pardon...9 minutes to go (4)
But this ain't the movies...8 minutes to go (5)
Now I'm climbing up the ladder...7 minutes to go (4)
I better watch my step or else I'll...6 minutes to go (3)
Yeah, with my feet in the trap and...5 minutes to go (5)
Well come on something and...4 minutes to go (3)
I can see the mountains...3 minutes to go (5)
And it's too damned pretty...2 minutes to go (5)
I can hear the buzzards...1 minute to go (3)
And now I'm swinging...(4)

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