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First name of many French kings type it in twiceThe Kingmen
A great deal of affectionLed Zeppelin
You shouldn't yell this in a crowded theaterJimi Hendrix
Relation of your significant other's mother to you upon marriageErie K. Doe
You can fight this entity, but you won't winBobby Fuller Four
Thinking of this state just north of FloridaRay Charles
To show pity on Satan The Rolling Stones
You're doing this if you flee quickly in fearRoy Orbison
Her significant other has returned.Watch out!Angels
If you're drowing you better be yelling thisThe Beatles
A house of ill reputeThe Animals
If you're feeling depressed from June until late September you may just have a case of thisBlue Cheer
Lagomorph Alice follows(he's always running late)Jefferson Airplane
Word used to describe what a librarian would tell you if your speaking too loudlyDeep Purple
No pleasure existsB.B. King
Accorrding to the theory of Darwinism only these will remainJerry Butler
In an Arabian tale you may take a flight on one of theseSteppenwolf
Weddings are done by force with these fire arms sometimesJr. Walker & the All-stars
Sung at the end of Shrek The Monkees
Because this is the last clue of this quiz, it's the piont your at nowThe Doors

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