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Can you name the Rock-n-riddles base on the clues given?

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Having gained enterance to a place that charges a fee to dance and party50 Cent
When you want to start your car, you place your key into and turn on thisR Kelly
You normally wish people a what birthdayMudvayne
You use this to keep yourself dry from the rainRihanna(feat.Jay-z)
Many time telling devises(Grandfather,Cuckoo are examples)Coldplay
The thing that's taken with a cameraNickleback
Someone who lost their mind is...Gnarls Barkley
Companies are fined for dumping this kind of waste Britney Spears
Black and white creature featured on the World Wildlife Federation logoComfy in Nautica
Drug users go here to kick the habitAmy Winehouse
Term used to describe a woman who engages in a relationship with a man just for his wealthKayne West
Dirty Harry or more recently the star of Gran TorinoGorillaz
I've done this, and I can't get upAlica Keys
Face lacking any expression used by players at the World Series of a certain card gameLady GaGa
Not right or left but straight down thisJimmy Eat World
I like you to shed tears and create the Mississippi or NileJustin Timberlake
Alert me when it's October firstGreen Day
The year New COKE debuts, Gorbachev became leader of the USSR,Out of Africa wins best pictureBowling for Soup
Autobots transform and...Ludacris
A way Samson might say 'What's up?' to his love interestPlain White T 's
This upper part of the legs doesn't tell false truthsShakira

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