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Can you name Russia's Oopsies from 1890 through the Cold War?

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This man caused discord between Czar Nicholas II and his wife, and caused the Czar to be ignorant to the problems of his people.
This man believed that Russia needed industrial growth and established peasant socialism who advocated political terroism
The Russian government believed that it would be easy to defeat an Eastern power and initiated this war to gain political support but they failed
This revolution was marked by the storming of the Winter Palace by unhappy workers followed by workers strikes
Promised the creation of the Duma, which would act as the national parliament
By getting involved in this event, the people of Russia became so discontent that they overthrew the Czar
Angry women storm Petrograd which triggers workers from factories to go on strike in protest of the food rationing by the czar regime
Leader of the Bolshevik wing of the Russian Social Democratic Party
Lenin claimed that Russia can move directly from a monarchy to a socialists state and promised peace, land, and bread to the Russian people
Prime minister Alexander Kerensky released Bolsheviks form jail while Lenin and Leon Trotsky worked to win the favor of the masses to overthrow the provisional government
This treaty was signed between Germany and Communists Russia which pulled Russia out of WWI and made Russia give up Baltic and Slavic states
During the time of civil war between the White forces and the Red forces, these organizations were made to keep people in check
Modified version of an old capitalist system created by Lenin to help Russia recover from Red Terror
This man rose to power after the death of Lenin and forcefully expelled Leon Trotsky
These wealthy farmers were eliminated and sent to Siberia
A plan to rapidly industrialize Russia and anyone who objected or did not work hard enough was sent to Siberia
Siberian prison
A non agression agreement between the Nazis and Russia
The Russian attacked Poland simultaneously with the Nazis during this event
In this system all civil and military organizations were subjected to the control of the Communist Party and Soviet Police
This pact was created in response to NATO and it promised the defense of the SU and its satellite states
These wars were fought in Asia to spread communism and increased tensions with the Untied States
The creation of this satellite led to heightened tensions between US and SU because it led to the potential of outer space nukes
In response the satellite, US and SU raced to the moon in this event
The SU tried to aid Fidel Castro in Cuba which led to this event
This SU leader tried to destalinize the SU after Stalin
This SU leader tried to resurrect the NEP
This leader tried to appease both the conservatives and liberals with reforms such as perestroika and glasnost
Alexander Dubcek led this mass protest against the SU which led to the SU quelling it with tanks
Imre Nagy led this revolution in attempt to overthrow Soviet power and influence over his people
This Ukrainian nuclear disaster allowed for Western powers to mock Soviet technology
This Russian president is a former member of the KGB and has been reelected despite serving past his terms

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