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QUIZ: Can you name the the words/phrases featuring 2 consecutive letters of the alphabet?

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ABAncient counting utensil with beads
BCVideo capture device for a computer
CDObsessive-compulsive disorder
DECitrus Sweetened Beverage
EFA concise explanation of a word, much like this
FGIslamic Asian country, currently at war
GHSound produced when finding something funny
HIAsian festival celebrated in Spring
IJUse force to take over an aeroplane
JKLaugh Out Loud, Just Kidding acronym
KLLanguage originated from Star Trek
LM'I'm gonna catch a Wabbit'
MNA loss of memory, or a loss of memory, or a loss of memory
NODeviation from a standard pattern
OPTo cut out parts of a picture, or a plant to harvest
QRThe marks from a standardised intelligence test
RSPremier League team known as the 'Gunners'
STThe science of matter & the composition of substances
TUA remark without preparation, ad lib
UVKeepsake or memento
XYContradictory or paradoxical term
YZ'End of the Road' R&B group

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