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Monarchies of the World in 2010

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Main continentMonarchyClue
AsiaIts sovereign is the only one who still holds the title of emperor
AsiaIt was an emirate until 2002
EuropeIt is the only surviving 'popular monarchy' of the World
AsiaIt was one of the few countries where the democratization was impulsed by the monarch and not by the people
AsiaIt was restored in 1993, after a brief period of UN control
EuropeIt is the oldest one in Europe having existing, without major territorial changes, since the 8th century
EuropeThe reign of its monarch is the longest one in the World
AsiaIt is considered one of the most progressive muslim countries of the World
AfricaIt is totally surrounded by South Africa
AfricaIt is one of the three surviving monarchies of Africa and the most powerfull one
EuropeIt was established after almost three centuries of republican government
EuropeIt is the youngest modern monarchy of Europe, achieving independence in 1905
AsiaAn absolute monarchy, it is known for its total lack of consideration over human rights
EuropeThis monarchy was democratizaced in 1978, after 38 years of being a dictatorship
AfricaIts monarch and its political system are very controversial
EuropeUntil the 70s, the Court etiquette of this monarchy was very similar, in its form and exigency, to the british one
AsiaBeing ruled by a miltary goverment, this monarchy changed recently its long reigning sovereign
OceaniaIt is one of the two surviving autochthonous monarchies in the Pacific Ocean
AsiaIt is considered, by popular belief, as a country without poverty
AsiaIt was able to establish a thalossocracy on the Indian Ocean during the 18th and 19th centuries
EuropeIt is the only surviving grand duchy of the World
EuropeIt is the only existing diarchy of the World
EuropeIts monarch received from its people the capacity to interfere in state affairs in 2003
Main continentMonarchyClue
EuropeBeing one of the smallest countries of the World, is one of its most important resorts
AsiaIt was occupied by Iraq during the Gulf War
AsiaBeing the Arab country with the highest HDI, there is some debate about its political definition as an absolute or a constitutional monarchy
AsiaIt is a federation of seven emirates with an impressive economic power
AsiaIts monarch is elected every five years between the sovereigns of the federal states
OceaniaIts monarch is elected every five years by the citizens, but the country is still considered a monarchy
EuropeBeing one of the smallest countries of the World, its monarch is also the head of an important religion
North AmericaIt has a spanish name given to it by Columbus
OceaniaIt is the oldest existing modern monarchy in Oceania
North AmericaOne of the islands of this monarchy was the place of the first landfall of Columbus in the Americas
North AmericaIt is one of the most developed countries in the Caribbean region
North AmericaIt was known during its colonial time as British Honduras
North AmericaIt is the oldest existing modern monarchy in the Americas
North AmericaIt is eponymous of a Spanish city
North AmericaMost people get really suprised when discovering that this Caribbean country is a monarchy
OceaniaAlongside with the official sovereign, the indigenous people of this country preserves his own monarch
OceaniaIt is one of the megadiverse countries according to Conservation International
North AmericaIt is the smallest country in the Americas
North AmericaOwing to its history, it was known as the 'Helen of the West Indies'
North AmericaWith a French and British colonial past, this monarchy is currently a Commonwealth Realm
OceaniaIt has a Spanish name, even though the Spanish people never settled in its territory
OceaniaIt is the smallest Commonwealth Realm

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