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Who was the leader of Germany?
What was the only political party of Germany?
Who was the leader of Great Britain?
What were the main Axis powers in Europe?
What year did Hitler take power?
What was the country invaded by Germany that started WWII?
What French city was the site of an Allied evacuation?
In what month did France surrender in 1940
What was the name of the battle over Allied shipping lanes from the U.S. to Great Britain
What kind of German ships hunted Allied convoys
What class of ships were the previous answer
Name the air battle that pitted the RAF against the German air force
What were the names of the britsh fighters (there are two)
What is another name for the German Air Force
What does the RAF stand for?
When did the Allies invade Normandy?
What was the name of the invasion? (operation name is acceptable)
What was the name of the final German counterattack along the western front?
What mountain range was battle located in?
What month did the battle start?
What month and year did Germany surrender in?

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