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Who becomes insane?
Who gets his head cut off?
Who is driven by revenge?
Who will be crowned King?
Who dies an honorable death in battle?
Who can't cure the Queen?
Who was one of the Scottish rebels?
Who reports a death?
Lady Macbeth is spied on while she is
Lady Macbeth sees what on her hands?
Macbeth's castle is called what?
How many English soldiers came with Malcolm?
Branches from which forest are cut down for camouflage?
Which character was born from a preterm c-section?
Malcolm invites the exiled back to Scotland, shares the news of Lady Macbeth's death, and promotes the Thanes when he hears that he will become what?
Where are all Scottish Kings crowned?
Whose soldiers switched sides during the battle?
Who said 'It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing'
What does the above quote mean?

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