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Forced Order
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Which character brings news of deaths?
Lady Macduff believes her husband is a ______
How many apparitions appear?
Which character is killed?
Which character tries to make himself seem horrible?
Macbeth is told to beware who?
Which two characters are killed in Act 4?
Macbeth is told to beware men not born of _______?
Macduff leaving his family behind in Scotland makes Malcolm ________ of him
Macbeth is told that he will not be vanquished until the ________moves.
Which character went to England to retrieve the rightful King of Scotland?
Malcolm claims he is _________ and __________
Which character said 'from this moment the very firstlings of my heart shall be the firstlings of my hand'
According to Lady Macduff a traitor is someone who ______ and then ______
At the end of the act which character cannot wait to get to Macbeth to get revenge?
Which character is made overconfident by the witches?
Which character(s) called upon the apparitions

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