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Plate Tectonics hintsVocab word
process of 1 plate sinking below a thicker plate
2 plates moving away from each other
very thin brittle layer of Earth
upper mantle and crust combined
shock waves travelling through Earth
long narrow valley formed by 2 plates moving apart
heat transfer through a fluid
2 plates crashing into each other
only total liquid layer inside Earth
layer made of Nickel and Iron
layer of molten rock
Plate Tectonics hintsVocab word
combo layer of Earth filled with soft, hot magma
layer that creates/directs Earth's magnetic field
Long ago supercontinent
2 plates sliding past each other
large stress related crack in Earth's rocks
long narrow valley under the ocean
process of magma pushing layers apart
very deep valley where subduction occurs
Earth layer under the most pressure
theory that continents are moving
continental shelf sinks at this point

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