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convicted for murdering a senator who had an affair with his wife
A Young Nine year old Girl
Loud and Quite Dumb
Shot her self before her son is killed
Always wants to take charge of the group
Retired army commander
Former News Reporter
IT technician
Pizza delivery boy
Scared School Boy
Shes Carrying Unborn Child
Injurs his Leg
Homeless Guy
Owns a farm
Killed by Walkers on Farm
Shot in the shoulder with an arrow
Member of the cancer survivor
Lived in Crawford with her sister
Stills the little girls hat
He works on Dairy Farm
He works on Dairy Farm
She works on Dairy Farm
School Kid
Gets his leg cut off and hes also teacher
Trap in a room at the motel and shoots she self after being bitten
Police Officer
Lived near the area of Hershel's Farm
He is the owner of the station wagon full of supplies and seeks revenge on the group

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