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Can you name the correct places of Mario, Sonic, Zelda, DK or Banjo?

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Agitha's Castle
Airship Fortress
Ancient Lake
Angel Island
Angry Aztec
Aquatic Mine
Aquatic Ruin
Arbiter's Grounds
Baby Park
Bad Magic Mayou
Banshee Boardwalk
Barnes Bomb Shop
Bianco Hills
Big Boo's Haunt
Big Donut
Block Fort
Boggly Woods
Bombchu Bowling Alley
Bob-omb Battlefield
Bottom of the Well
Boulder Canyon
Breegull Beach
Bridge of Eldin
Bubblegloop Swamp
Carnival Night
Casino Night
Cauldron Keep
Cave of Ordeals
Cheep Cheep Beach
Chemical Plant
Choco Mountain
Chocolate Island
City Escape
City in the Sky
Clanker's Cavern
Click Clock Wood
Cliff Farm
Clock Town
Cloud Cuckooland
Collision Chaos
Cool Cool Mountain
Corona Mountain
Coro's Latern Shop
Crazy Gadget
Creepy Castle
Creepy Steeple
Crescent Island
Crystal Caves
Curiosity Shop
D.K's Jungle Parkway
Dampe's Grave
Darkmoon Caverns
Death Egg
Death Mountain
Deku Palace
Desert Colossus
Desert Hills
Dino Dino Jungle
Dire Dire Docks
Dodongo's Cavern
Donut Plains
Double Deck
Dragon Roost Island
Dry Dry Desert
Egg Quarters
Eldin Province
Emerald Coast
Emerald Hill
Everfrost Peak
Fanadi's Palace
Faron Woods
Figure-8 Circuit
Final Egg
Fire Temple
Fisherman's Hut
Flying Battery
Forest of Illusion
Forest Temple
Forsaken Fortress
Fossil Canyon
Frantic Factory
Frappe Snowland
Freezeezy Peak
Freezing Furnace
Frosty Village
Fungi Forest
Ganon's Castle
Gelato Beach
Gerudo Valley
Glitter Glutch Mine
Gloomy Galleon
Gobi's Valley
Gorman Track
Goron City
Great Bay
Great Fairy Fountain
Green Forest
Green Hill
Greenwood Village
Grunyy Industries
Hailfire Peaks
Happy Mask Shop
Haunted Wasteland
Haunted Woods
Hazy Maze Cave
Hidden Palace
Hill Top
Honey and Darling's Shop
Hot Top Volcano
Hyrule Field
Ice Cap
Ice Cavern
Iron Gate
Jolly Roger Bay
Jolly Roger's Lagoon
Jovani's House
Jungle Falls
Jungle Japes
Kakariko Village
Kalimari Desert
Keelhaul Key
Kokiri Forest
Koopa Troopa Beach
Lake Hylia
Lakebed Temple
Lakeside Laboratory
Lanayru Province
Launch Base
Lava Reef
Lethal Lava Land
Link's House
Lon Lon Ranch
Lone Peak Shrine
Lost Woods
Lost World
Luigi Raceway
Mad Monster Mansion
Malo Mart
Marble Garden
Marine Research Laboratory
Mayahem Temple
Metal Harbor
Metallic Madness
Milk Bar
Milk Road
Mirror Chamber
Moo Moo Farm
Mountain Village
Mumbo's Mountain
Mushroom Hill
Music Box House
Mystic Cave
Noki Bay
Nutty Acres
Oil Ocean
Oocca Shop
Palmtree Panic
Peak Province
Pianta Village
Pinna Park
Pinnacle Rock
Pirate Lagoon
Pirates' Fortress
Pit of 100 Trials
Pumpkin Hill
Quartz Quadrant
Radiant Emerald
Radical City
Radical Highway
Rainbow Ride
Rainbow Road
Reactive Factory
Red Mountain
Regal Run
Renardo's Sanctuary
Resort Island
Ricco Harbor
Riverside Station
Romani Ranch
Royal Raceway
Rusty Bucket Bay
Sacred Forest Meadow
Sacred Grove
Sakon's Hideout
Scrap Brain
Sherbet Land
Shifting Sand Land
Sirena Beach
Sky Chase
Sky Deck
Sky Sanctuary
Snowball Valley
Snowman's Land
Snowpeak Ruins
Southern Swamp
Spacedust Alley
Spaceport Alpha
Speed Highway
Spiller's Harbor
Spiral Mountain
Spirit Temple
Spring Yard
Star City
Star Road
Stardust Speedway
Station Square
Stone Tower
Tall Tall Mountain
Telma's Bar
Temple of Time
Terrarium of Terror
Tick-Tock Clock
Tidal Tempest
Tiny Huge Island
Treasure Caves
Treasure Trove Cove
Twilight Town
Twinkle Park
Vanilla Dome
Wacky Workbench
Walrus Cove
Water Temple
Waterfall Rapids
Wet Dry World
Whale Bay
White Jungle
Whomp's Fortress
Windmill Plains
Windy Valley
Wing Fortress
Woods of Mystery
Yoshi's Island
Zora's Domain

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