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Can you name the cases for these points of property law (UK)?

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Appropriation need only be of rights 
Appropriation may be with owner's consent 
Body parts can be property despite common law 
Confidential information is not property 
It is possible to steal one's own property 
Leant money must be used for stated purpose 
No need to return overpayment on gambling debts since not legal obligation 
A person is dishonest if they are according to the reasonable man and they realised this 
Intention to permanently deprive owner of those particular bank notes 
Intention to use property as if it were your own 
'The practical value has gone out of the article' 
There must be all elements of theft 
Robbery is committed at the point of the appropriation 
Force can be indirect and small 
Force must be during or before theft, however... 
Theft can be ongoing 
Entry must be 'effective' 
Residential vehicles may be 'buildings' 
Trespassing may be in part of a building 
If you are invited in you are not a trespasser 
May enter in excess of permission given 
Threats are unwarranted if not 'reasonable or proper' 
Demands can be implied 
'An ordinary person of normal stability might be influenced' 
Gain must have monetary value 
Representation can be of state of mind 
It may be implied by dress... 
or by actions 
Making off without payment
Makes offs means leaves the spot by any means 
This must be from the spot where payment is expected 
A contractual dispute means there is no legal obligation to pay 
An intention to delay or defer payment is not sufficient 
Criminal damage
Damage can be temporary or permanent 
Damage must be a loss in usefullness 
D may have lawful excuse if they believe they would have consent 
D will have the mens rea 'when he is aware of the risk' 
Aggravated criminal damage
The danger to the life must be caused by the damage itself 
All elements of criminal damage must apply 
If damage is caused by fire then must be charged expressly as arson 
The Defence of Intoxication
If intoxication is involuntary D may lack mens rea 
Intoxication remains voluntary if D did not know strengths of drugs 
Dangerous drugs are proof of voluntary intoxication 
Defence can only be used in crimes of specific intent 
D must not form mens rea prior 
Necessity is based from D genuine belief of circumstance 
D may act pre-emptively 
Act must be reasonable and proportionate 
Duress by Threats
Did D have reason to fear death or serious injury and would others act like him? 
Must be threats of death or serious injury 
May be threats to someone D feels responsible for 
Must not be safe avenue of escape 
Must be connection between threats and offence 
Joining dangerous organisation is consent to threats 
Duress by Circumstance
Did D have cause to fear serious injury to him or others would result and would others act like him? 
Must be reasonable and proportionate 
Evil caused must be outweighed by evil avoided 
Cause must be external 

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