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Can you name the case studies for A-level PsychologyA Unit 2 (AQA)?

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He gave rats daily injections 
They came up with the transactional model 
Whose General Adaptation Theory? 
Stress & the immune system
...compiled Stress Index Scores and released the cold virus 
She measured NK cells in students 
They conducted a meta-review 
Stress & illness
They thought up the SRRS 
...continued his research using the SRRS  
He replaced life events with hassles 
Workplace stress
The 'Whitehall studies' 
... did a meta-analysis 
Personality factors & stress
They found a Type A Behaviour 
... thought hardiness was more important 
He found personality types vulnerable to cancer and CHD 
He came up with a 'distressed' type 
Coping with stress
Whose COPE scale? 
He did Stress Innoculation Training 
Whose hardiness training? 
He found social support was a leading factor in stress 
He messed around with lights in a dark room 
...drew lots of lines 
He based his study off of '12 Angry Men' 
...liked the colour blue 
Who had to shut down their prison-style experiment early? 
Why do we conform?
They`put together the Dual-process Dependancy model 
Whose Social Identity Explanation? 
Whose Social Impact Theory? 
Whose Social Influence Explanation? 
His work was shocking! 
... went around phoning nurses 
He investigated the power of uniform on the street 
...came up with the authoritarian personality 
Factors affecting independant behaviour
They told people a story about a fired manager of a petrol station 
...talks about locus of control 
They found it was possible to develop independant behaviour 
Psychodynamic view of abnormality
Whose psychosexual theory? 
Bahavioural view of abnormality
...made dogs salivate 
They conditioned 'Little Albert' 
He talks of evolutionary preparedness 
He experimented with operant conditioning and pigeons 
Whose Social Learning Theory? 
Cognitive view of abnormality
Whose model of depression includes negative view of self? 
Their model is as simple as ABC 

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