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Can you name the cases that demonstrate these points of criminal law?

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The mens rea needs only be intention to cause GBH. 
This can be oblique intent 
Thin skull rule 
Diminished responsibility
'State of mind so different from that of ordinary human beings...' 
May be caused by post-natal depression 
May be caused by head injury 
May NOT be caused by alcoholism 
Impairment must be 'more than minimal' 
Loss of control must be 'sudden and temporary' 
'Slow burn' effect 
Need not be an attack on D 
Provocation need not be intentional 
Describes the 'reasonable man' 
This does not include individual peculiarities 
Gross negligence manslaughter
The leading case 
Rules for finding duty of care 
Duty still owed if complicit in crime 
Duty taken on voluntarily 
Damge must 'go beyond a matter of mere compensation' 
Unlawful act manslaughter
Act must be a criminal offence 
This must be dangerous on the objective test 
Transferred malice applies 
Need be 'more than trivial' in causing death 
Victim's own act may break chain of causation 
D need no intent harm 
Outlines the actus reus 
Fear can be caused by words 
Fear must be of IMMEDIATE violence 
Outlines the mens rea 
Outlines the actus reus 
Battery may be indirect 
Outlines the mens rea 
'Any hurt or injury...' 
This can be psychiatric harm 
Mens rea of common assault 
Outlines the definition of a wound 
Outlines the definition of GBH 
Psychiatric harm 
Bruising in a child 
Series of injuries 
Biological GBH 
Be reckless as to some harm occurring 
The Defence of Insanity
Defines the rules 
Must be inability to use powers of reason 
May be temporary 
D must not know legally wrong 
The Defence of Automatism
Must be involuntary 
Unknown effects of drugs 
The Defence of Intoxication
Involuntary intoxication may mean D lacks mens rea 
If voluntary can only be used in crimes of specific intent 
If drugs are dangerous that intoxication is voluntary 
Can not be used if mens rea formed prior 
The Defence of Consent
Famous case outlining rules 
Sporting activities 
Mistaken belief in consent 
The Defence of Self-Defence
Necessity based on D's belief 
Pre-emptive strike 
Force must be reasonable 

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