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SEKKE -> ZHAVVORSA LAJA (1) MA (2) VORSASOON (3) AFAZHA (4).A dragon fights with very hot fire.
MAE -> (1) KHALASAR (2) VERVEN (3) AFFESA ANNA.His violent khalasar makes me itch.
VOSECCHI -> ANHA (1) VIL (2) VADAKHAK (3) JAN (4).I'll never manage to eat dog.
ZHEANA -> CHIORI (1) ERINAK (2) SEKKE (3).The woman is a very beautiful lady.
HATIF -> ME AST ASQOY (1) IFAKI (2) JAHAKMENA (3).He made a vow in the front of a braidless foreigner.
NEM -> AVE (1) ANNI (2) VOS (3) ADDRIV.My father was not killed.
KASH -> (1) ANHA (2) VADDRIVAK MAE KASH ME AREMEKA (3).I will kill him while he sleeps.
ADDRIV -> ME (1) NEMO (2) VOS (3) MA IZOON (4).He didn't kill himself with poison.
AKKA -> ME MAI ANNI, VOSMA (1) ME (2) KHALEESI (3) ANNI (4).She is my mother, but she is also my queen.
SILOKH -> (1) KISHA (2) ASHILOKI (3) MORA (4).We will meet them tomorrow.
SAN -> ELAINAS (1) DAVESI (2) HALAHIVENA (3)!Plant many tree-like rosemary bushes!
ANNI -> HASH YER TIH (1) DORV (2) IVEZHA (3) ?Have you seen the wild goat of mine?
HRAZEF -> (1) REK (2) SEKKE ZHIKHAK (3) YERI VADRIVA.That very sick horse of yours will die.
DISSE -> ME ADRIVOE (1) HASH (2) YER VADDRIVA MAE (3).He'll die only if you'll kill him.
JIN -> ANHA AKEMOK (1) MA (2) SIERASOON (3) YERI (4).I will marry this nephew of yours.

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