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Clue #1Homophone (Either spelling)Clue #2
ex. billboard, commercialnot subtract, divide, or multiply...
possesive 'we'unit of measurement of time
across the ocean(s)what a supervisor does
glue, adhesiveverb like: walk nervously (past tense)
a common soundan exclusive group
happy cat soundthe 'p' in a vehicle's 'mph'
nationality from Asiaformal male accessory
platform over waterto look searchingly (or) friend or fellow
a large vase or potto deserve and achieve
a small islanda space for walking, lane or passageway
banning or hiding questionable materialdevice that receives and reads input
sudden overthrow of governmentdove sound
form of payment exchanged for a prisonera large bundle
city in Colorado, USAhead or face covering
to give help or assistancea resource, assistant or helper
Clue #1Homophone (Either spelling)Clue #2
structure to hold planesdevice to hold clothes
verb like: gnaw, bite (present tense)make a decision
to massage, manipulate with handssomething necessary is something you
short word to create negationunit of length in nautical navigation
gentleman soldier of the Middle Agesparticular time of day
someone beloved, close to one's heartfour-legged animal
a person's manner or walking or movingentrance or movable barrier in a fence
information about recent eventslarge African antelopes
mentally healthya river in France
correspondence, posta gender
move upwardsto level or tear down
a period of timevery long and/or very impressive
plural form of a word meaning a humble requesta polite word used in a request
a prearranged fight synonym for 'double'

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