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Can you name the homophones suggested by two clues?

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Clue #1Homophone (Either spelling)Clue #2
nakedex. grizzly, black
two of something make thistype of fruit
3.14...ex. apple, cherry
ancient city in Italybuffalo do this
can be: smelly, stinky, penny is a
form of precipitationa king and queen do this
oceanto view
type of Scandinavianto end something
casual greetingfood for a horse
illegal drugSuperwoman is this
Hawaiian adornmentto place horizontally
entirefilled with empty space
type of beermountain man
Clue #1Homophone (Either spelling)Clue #2
singular, firstpast tense verb, be victorious
frugalbird sound
act excessivelykept-too-long
percussion instrumentcharacter or glyph
type of woodpersonal pronoun
to cover tightlyform of music
to appearoverlap of two edges
pirate weapona body of rules
European nationalityform of payment
mineral containing metalthese propel boats
body partspend unnecessarily
sheet of glassdiscomfort, hurt
conceitedblood vessel
type of herb'flies like an arrow'

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