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Can you name the 30 answers (that all begin with 'Z') to these questions?

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Which princess does Link attempt to rescue in a series of video games?
Southern Rhodesia was the former name of what country?
What name is given to the scientific study of animals?
What term for an undead creature originally comes from Haitian creole?
In Greek mythology, who was the ruler of the gods?
Which 1970s PBS children's series was revived in the late '90s and produced by WGBH-TV in Boston?
What is the largest city in Switzerland?
Ben Stiller plays a dim-witted fashion model in what 2001 film?
Which French soccer player's last game was the 2006 World Cup final, in which he was sent off for headbutting an opponent?
What fictional character, created by Johnston McCulley, takes his name for the Spanish word for 'fox'?
Billy Gibbons is the lead singer and guitarist with which U.S. blues rock band?
What does the letter 'Z' stand for in ZIP code?
What 2012 Kathryn Bigelow film was about the decade long hunt for Osama Bin Laden?
What is the surname of Danny in the musical 'Grease'?
What word for a light wind gets its name from the Greek god of the west wind?
Literally meaning 'golden', what is the currency of Poland?
Which actress won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in the film 'Cold Mountain'?
What is the capital of Croatia?
Chief Buthelezi was a leader of what group of South African people?
What first name is shared by James Ransone's character in 'The Wire' and Bob Marley's oldest son?
The headquarters of what lighter company is based in Bradford, Pennsylvania?
What is a word of Yiddish origin that means 'pleasantly plump'?
What is grated off of the peel of a citrus fruit to add flavor to food?
What large rigid airship is named after its German inventor?
What is the trademark name for the machine that smooths the ice in a skating rink?
What is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet?
Colombian dancer 'Beto' Perez created what fitness program during the 1990s?
What German word has come to mean 'the defining spirit or mood of a particular time in history'?
What 'sport' involves rolling downhill in a large transparent sphere?
Alphabetically, what is the last chemical element?

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