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Statement A?Statement B
Number of days 'since you took your love away' in Nothing Compares 2 UNumber of hours 'since you took your love away' in Nothing Compares 2 U
Beethoven's Eroica symphony numberBeethoven's Pastoral symphony number
Rock band 'Sum....'Rock band 'Blink....'
Musicians in a quartetMusicians in a trio
Black keys on a pianoWhite keys on a piano
Beatles song: '.... Days a Week'Beatles song: 'When I'm....'
Number in the stage name of Andre Lauren BenjaminNumber in the stage name of Curtis James Jackson III
Strings on a guitarStrings on a violin
Blur hit: 'Song .....'Spin Doctors hit '.... Princes'
Number of members in the Backstreet Boys (original line up)Number of members in N*Sync
Mariah Carey Billboard number onesMadonna Billboard number ones
'Now That's What I Call Music' albums released in the US'Now That's What I Call Music' albums released in the UK
Length of a crotchetLength of a minim
Statement A?Statement B
Christina Aguilera's ageBritney Spears' age
Number of Miles in the title of a song by the ProclaimersNumber of Miles in the title of a song by the Pretenders
Weeks 'Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You' topped the Billboard chartsWeeks 'Boys II Men - I'll Make Love To You' topped the Billboard chart
Year in the title of a Smashing Pumpkins songYear in the title of a Bowling For Soup song
Title of Adele's first albumTitle of Adele's second album
Number of Grammies won by Stevie WonderNumber of Grammies won by Aretha Franklin
Number of members of U2Number of members of Queen
Number of 'Things' in a Miley Cyrus songNumber of 'Times' in a Justin Bieber song
Number of double basses in a modern orchestraNumber of violins in a modern orchestra
Elvis Presley UK number one hit singlesElvis Presley US number one hit singles
Number of 'Problems' Jay-Z rapped aboutNumber of 'Red Balloons' Nena sung about
Age at which Beethoven diedAge at which Mozart died

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