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Statement A?Statement B
Length of the AmazonLength of the Mississippi
Countries of AfricaCountries of Europe
Countries bordering ChinaCountries bordering Russia
Colours on flag of North KoreaColours on flag of South Korea
Land mass of South SudanLand mass of Sudan
Provinces and territories of CanadaStates and territories of Australia
US states beginning with the letter 'M'US states beginning with the letter 'N'
Height of Mont BlancHeight of the Matterhorn
Population of BeijingPopulation of Shanghai
Surface area of Lake ErieSurface area of Lake Ontario
Landlocked countries in South AmericaSouth American countries that don't border Brazil
Land mass of Japanese island HonshuLand mass of Japanese island Hokkaido
Hills Rome is said to be built onHills Edinburgh is said to be built on
Statement A?Statement B
Countries in OPECCountries in the European Union
Years since Czechoslovakia was dissolvedYears since the USSR was dissolved
Countries ending in 'land'Countries ending in 'stan'
Countries the Tropic of Cancer passes throughCountries the Tropic of Capricorn passes through
Islands of FijiIslands of Tonga
Countries beginning with the letter 'B'Countries beginning with the letter 'M'
Land mass of LiechtensteinLand mass of Luxembourg
Time zones in ChinaTime zones in Japan
Countries the Himalayas pass throughCountries the Andes pass through
Official languages of BelgiumOfficial languages of Switzerland
US states bordering the Atlantic OceanUS states bordering the Pacific Ocean
1,000,000+ population cities in California1,000,000+ population cities in Texas

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