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Sn is the chemical symbol for what element?
What Asian food, also called bean curd, is made from mashed soybeans?
What historical region of Romania is considered the home of Dracula?
Henry VII was the first monarch of which British royal house?
Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams are members of what British boy band?
What was the surname of Charles Lewis, who founded a jewellery company in New York in 1837?
Tony Manero, Danny Zuko and Vincent Vega are film characters played by who?
In the song from musical 'The Music Man', 76 of which instrument 'led the big parade'?
Who was the Norse god of thunder?
What Harper Lee novel won the 1961 Pulitzer Prize?
Which business magnate and US President starred in NBC's 'The Apprentice'?
The Blue Jays and Maple Leafs are sports teams from what North American city?
What 'Doctor Who' spin-off series is an anagram of 'Doctor Who'?
What is the full name of the infectious disease TB?
'Bluefin', 'Albacore' and 'Skipjack' are types of what fish?
What island forms a country with Trinidad?
On which river does Rome stand?
Horatio Nelson was fatally wounded during what famous battle of 1805?
'Score' is an old-fashioned term for what number?
'Swan Lake' and 'The Nutcracker' are ballets by which Russian composer?
Tom Hanks and Tim Allen provide voices for the main characters in what Disney-Pixar film series?
Benny the Ball, Officer Dibble and Spook featured in what classic cartoon series?
Hobart is the capital of what small island off the south coast of Australia?
In 1979, who became the U.K.'s first female Prime Minister?
What branch of mathematics deals with the relation between the sides and angles of triangles?
Shakespeare's plays were classified as 'comedies', 'histories' and... what?
Created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, which fictional character was played on film by Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller?
Which magazine annually publishes a 'Person of the Year' issue?
The name of which dinosaur literally means 'three-horned face'?
'Love Apple' is an archaic name for what fruit?
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