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GEOG - What is the capital of Peru?
GEOG - What is Japan's largest island?
GEOG - Rome stands on which river?
GEOG - How many US states begin with A?
GEOG - Mombasa is in which African country?
ENT - Which actor married Rachel Weisz in 2011?
ENT - Tony Stark is the real name of which superhero?
ENT - 'Feed the Birds' is a song in which musical?
ENT - What colour are the 'G's' in the Google logo?
ENT - Who is Angelina Jolie's eldest child?
SCI - What is the sixth planet from the Sun?
SCI - Whooper and Mute are types of which bird?
SCI - 'Hg' is the chemical symbol for which element?
SCI - Which glands in the body produce tears?
SCI - What is the SI unit of pressure?
HIST - In which year did the Titanic sink?
HIST - Who was Henry VIII's first wife?
HIST - The Tet Offensive happened during which war?
HIST - In which century did Francis Drake live?
HIST - Who was the 3rd US President?
LIT - Caliban and Prospero are in which Shakespeare play?
LIT - David Cornwell is the real name of which writer?
LIT - Who wrote 'The Mayor of Casterbridge'?
LIT - Which poet wrote the poem 'If'?
LIT - 'A Time To Kill' was which author's debut novel?
SPORT - How many on-court players on a basketball teamt?
SPORT - Which country won the 1930 Football World Cup?
SPORT - What nationality is tennis star Novak Djokovic?
SPORT - In metres, how long is an Olympic swimming pool?
SPORT - The Webb Ellis Cup is awarded in which sport?
LANG - In Germany, what is a krankenhaus?
LANG - Which number is spelt the same in English and French?
LANG - Martes is the Spanish for which day of the week?
LANG - The word 'sauna' comes from which language?
LANG - A word spelled the same forwards and backwards is a...?
FUN - Which word can go before 'man', 'drift' and 'fall'?
FUN - Which one word is an anagram of 'CARTHORSE'?
FUN - Bird is to Nest as Squirrel is to what?
FUN - How many 6s are written between 1 and 100?
FUN - Which proverb has the initials E.C.H.A.S.L?
RELIG - Guru Nanak founded which religion?
RELIG - In the Bible, who was the wife of Abraham?
RELIG - Who was the Greek God of War?
RELIG - Which country was Pope John Paul II from?
RELIG - In Buddhism, how many Noble Truths are there?
MOV - Who played Verbal Kint in 'The Usual Suspects'?
MOV - What was the first sequel to win the 'Best Picture' Oscar?
MOV - Vincent Vega is a character in which film?
MOV - Who directed 'The Dark Knight' and 'Inception'?
MOV - In a 2008 film, which robot does Wall-E fall in love with?
TV - Who played Hannibal in the 1980s series 'The A-Team'?
TV - The high school in Glee is named after which President?
TV - In which town/city is 'The Office' set (UK or USA)?
TV - Who plays Joan Watson in the series 'Elementary'?
TV - Which planet does Doctor Who come from?
MUSIC - Which instrument was associated with Benny Goodman?
MUSIC - Who composed the operas 'La Bohème' and 'Tosca'?
MUSIC - Billie Joe Armstrong is lead singer of which band?
MUSIC - What was Madonna's first album called?
MUSIC - An oboe belongs to which section of the orchestra?
GAMES - Who is the heroine of the Tomb Raider games?
GAMES - In which card game are scores kept on a peg board?
GAMES - What colour is Pokémon Pikachu?
GAMES - From 'Go', rolling a pair of 6s in 'Monopoly' lands where?
GAMES - How many pieces does a Backgammon player begin with?
MISC - Which meat is normally used in an Irish Stew?
MISC - Which car company makes the Testarossa model?
MISC - Who painted 'The Scream'?
MISC - Who designed Kate Middleton's wedding dress?
MISC - In heraldry, Azure referred to which colour?
HOLS - In which month is Bastille Day?
HOLS - A person born on Valentine's Day is what starsign?
HOLS - What is Santa's first reindeer, alphabetically?
HOLS - Waitangi Day is celebrated in which country?
HOLS - In which month is Canada's Thanksgiving Day?

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