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From the Latin for 'brother', what name is given to an all-male society in a University?
Due to their food intake, which wading bird is famous for its pink plumage?
What does the 'F' stand for in the name of the fashion house FC:UK?
Quahog, Rhode Island is the setting for what cartoon series?
What name is given to a young horse, typically under a year old?
In which 1984 film does Kevin Bacon play Ren McCormack?
One of the Founding Fathers of the U.S.A., who invented the modern lightning rod?
Japan's highest peak is Mount...what?
In which 1940 film does Mickey Mouse play the apprentice of sorcerer Yen Sid?
The 'Panda' and the 'Punto' are models of car produced by which Italian company?
Which British journalist was famous for a series of 1977 interviews with Richard Nixon?
What name is shared by a church receptacle and a typeset of one particular style?
What is the name of Calgary's NHL Ice Hockey team?
Which actor plays Ron Burgundy in the film 'Anchorman'?
In what 1980s computer game does an amphibian try and cross a busy road?
Ming the Merciless is an enemy of what cartoon character?
Which gothic novel, published in 1818, is subtitled 'The Modern Prometheus'?
Which dolphin was the title character of a 1960s TV series, starring Brian Kelly?
What is the technical name for the thigh bone?
The adjective 'vulpine' relates to what animal?
Suva is the capital of what Pacific island nation?
Former 'Nirvana' drummer Dave Grohl is the lead singer of what band?
Having atomic number 9, what element is the lightest of the halogens?
What cheese is a chief ingredient of a Greek salad?
Psychoanalyst Sigmund, painter Lucian and politician Clement share what surname?
The second largest city in Morocco shares its name with what type of hat?
What 2011 song by Rebecca Black gained over 160 million Youtube views?
What name is given to a long, narrow inlet of the sea between cliffs, typically in Norway?
Who played Princess Leia in the original 'Star Wars' trilogy?
Which boxer gives his name to a 'Lean, Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine'?

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