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Diamond is a form of what element?
Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart are characters in what stage musical?
What type of tree appears on the national flag of Lebanon?
Which country has the world's longest coastline?
What name is usually given to a Russian astronaut?
Which early film comedian starred in 'Modern Times' and 'The Great Dictator'?
What is the name of both Bill Clinton's daughter and an English football team?
Native to South America, what is the largest rodent in the world?
Which English actor played Basil Fawlty in sitcom 'Fawlty Towers'?
Table Mountain overlooks what African city?
In the 19th century, John Pemberton invented what branded drink?
In what 1995 film does Alicia Silverstone play Cher Horowitz?
'Rhode Island Red' and 'Leghorn' are types of what bird?
What does the 'C' in UNICEF stand for?
'Where Everybody Knows Your Name' was the theme tune to which 1980s sitcom?
In 2002, who won the first season of 'American Idol'?
Who sailed in the HMS Endeavour on his first voyage of discovery to Australia?
What word precedes 'African Republic' to give the name of a country?
What is the medical name for the collarbone?
From the French for 'to glue', what art form consists of materials glued to a backing?
What is the main vegetable used in sauerkraut?
'Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship' is the last line of what classic film?
What was the first James Bond book written by Ian Fleming?
Pol Pot was a tyrannical ruler of which Asian country in the 1970s?
Arabica and Robusta are both types of what?
Which actor is the nephew of film director Francis Ford Coppola?
Tenerife and Lanzarote are members of what island group?
Who created the TV series 'E.R.' and wrote the novel 'Jurassic Park'?
Which river formed the Grand Canyon?
The Battle of Balaclava was part of which war?
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