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Remember that fight
A tragedy now
Just say yes
I break down
I'm no-one special
What a shame
Little black dress
Never blind me
My blind optimism
Call your name
Like pretty lights
Can't you see
Love's a game
Busy day today
Everybody knows that
I watched it
We crashed through
Still growing up
I missed you
Flames or paradise
Gonna be someone
Dream impossible things
It's never simple
I can't breathe
Call me later
You're coming undone
All too late
House of cards
The cycle ends
Behind your yard
It's 2 am
Burnt toast, Sunday
Freedom ain't nothing
Something you miss
Other people's toys
Dimming the streetlights
We both cried
Now I'm lying
Mean every word
Over Madison Square
Heard every album
About your tattoos
A death march
Month of tears
Have gone home
Good and right
That's the way
Where we stood
Run to you
Beautiful, magical, unbelievable
But I keep
Of your hand
With you, today
Eyes so green
Two paper airplanes
Skies grew darker
Miserable and magical
You'd be here
Would hide away
The best sound
I'll spend forever
A twin-size bed
Took a shot
Old blue jeans
How it works
My whole room
Nothing lasts forever
Long, handwritten note
Dropping you off
Distant, shining star
Everything is better
Scared little boy
Carry my groceries
It all apart
Green eyes at
Catch me now
It's so sad
Like I did
It's just rained
Will fall down
Worth the drive
Passionate as sin
Still hasn't called
State the obvious
We're all here

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