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Can you guess the numbers that have some sort of meaning in Taylor Swift's life?

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The number of cats she owns.
The year she was born.
How old she was in January 2007.
How old she was when she and her family moved to Nashville, Tennessee.
The year Michelle Obama presented her with The Big help Award.
How many studio albums she's produced.
How many Grammys she has won.
She was ____ months old when her mother first put her in a saddle.
How many siblings she has.
The day she was born e.g. Monday:1, Tuesday:2, Wednesday:3.
This is Taylor's lucky number.
The age she was when she started playing guitar and writing songs.
The year she made country music history by selling more digital downloads than any country artist, ever.
The second consecutive year she earned 45 million dollars.
All of her CMA's.
How many pages the novel she wrote when she was 12 had.
How many AMA's she has.
When she became the first-ever female to win the Country Music Association's Pinnacle Award.
How old she was when she attended the 2014 Grammys.
How many bedrooms the mansion she bought for her parents in Tennessee has.

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