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'The poor toilet's never had anything as horrible as your head down it- it might be sick.'1
'He is dead!'7
'Make sure the neighbours don't spot you bringing in the piano.'6
'You're alive.'2
'He's dot alone! He's still god be!'5
'Why'm I with you?'7
'Sit, my children, sit.'3
'Why are they providing cars, Father?'3
'Make the 'gar' nice and long.'1
'I've waited too long.'3
'The one we've all been waiting for.'1
'Don't call me that, Remus.'5
'He lives here? Here, in this Muggle dunghill?'6
'If you see her, tell her I haff drinks.'4
QuoteHP characterBook number
'Your death will not come as a great shock.'5
'Is it love again?'7
'Delicious, delicious.'6
'Please sit down.'5
'We will never be bosom friends, perhaps.'7
'Eet eez too heavy, all zis Hogwarts food.'4
'Have you ever seen anything quite as pathetic?'3
'They are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.'1
'My Uncle Bilius saw one and he died twenty-four hours later!'3
'Shield Charms are the old hat, of course, for us DA lags.'6
'I collect plugs.'4
'That's enough, now.'3
'Wood was almost skipping when he told us.'1
'Your charming little friend will know exactly where to find us.'4

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