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Long-term pattern of weather in a specific area
Country with unique starting letter
Another name of Dutch Antilles
The capital of American Samoa is?
Formosa is the former name of what country?
Largest desert in the world
Highest tower in the world
What city is the Dome of the Rock in?
The former name of Sri Lanka
Imaginary line that is equidistant to both poles
Land Formation - Magma Chamber, Lava
Civilization that was formed in Peru
Currency of Zambia
Pacific _______ of Fire
World's Most Isolated Inhabited Island
Ocean that starts in S
Country with triangular flag
Country that is located in both Asia and Europe
Known as the Pearl of the Orient Seas
The Holy Land
Country where Uluru was Located
Smallest Island country in the World
Biggest Currency in the world (general)
Second deepest trench in the world
Smallest Mountain in the world
UTC stand for?
Large landform that is steeper than a hill
Also known as Devil's Triangle
Land of the ____________ Calm
Capital of Burkina Faso

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